Lesson Plan #3 – Microplastic Solutions


Students will gain an understanding of the complex problem of micro plastics in the ocean and how it affects the marine
food web.

Students will begin by taking a short T/F quiz as a preview to the information they will be learning. It is highly encouraged
for the teacher to read aloud each question to encourage vocabulary connections. Then, students will watch 2
short videos educating them about the problem of plastics in our oceans.

Hand out invention pros/cons paper and explain to students that they have been chosen as a superhuman by the Phytoheroes
to find solutions to remove the micro plastics from the ocean. They must design at least 3 different invention
prototypes to test that will remove the plastic, but not kill the living organisms. They cannot use their hands to get the
plastic out of the water! Show students what materials they have available to them (such as twist ties, rubber bands,
fabric, yarn, paper clips, index cards, tape) and how to proceed into groups (preferably 3) and gather their materials. For
easiest transition, have pans ready with water, plastics and living organisms already out and ready at stations so students
can just focus on gathering their materials to build contraptions and collaborating. Give groups a certain amount of time
(around 15 minutes) to build their contraptions to remove the plastics, but not the living matter, from the water. Have
them collect the plastic pieces to compare results.

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