Lesson Plan #1 – The Invisible World of Plankton


Students will gain new understanding, appreciation and emotional connections to phytoplankton by making the invisible
visible through a series of lesson plans and interactive puzzle game experiences.

Students will begin by taking a short T/F quiz as a preview to the information they will be learning. It is highly
encouraged for the teacher to read aloud each question to encourage vocabulary connections. Students will watch a
short video (6 min) called “The Secret Life of Plankton”. This video visually examines the bizarre and fascinating invisible
phytoplankton through a high powered microscope.

Students will work individually or in partners to explore the Plankton Chronicles website and choose 2-3 images of
plankton to sketch in line drawing form on transparent film with sharpie.

Students will compile their plankton drawings in a mural, either on a window or on butcher paper. Students will
re-evaluate their T/F quiz in the post-assessment column. Teacher will facilitate a conversation about each statement
and ask students to think-pair-share the proof they learned during the lesson.

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